Asus ROG Strix G15-G513Q Ryzen 9 5900HX Ram 32GB DDR4 SSD 1TB RTX 3070 8GB
Asus ROG Strix G15-G513Q Ryzen 9 5900HX Ram 32GB DDR4 SSD 1TB RTX 3070 8GB
Asus ROG Strix G15-G513Q Ryzen 9 5900HX Ram 32GB DDR4 SSD 1TB RTX 3070 8GB

Asus ROG Strix G15-G513Q Ryzen 9 5900HX Ram 32GB DDR4 SSD 1TB RTX 3070 8GB

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Buy Asus ROG STRIX G15-G513Q Gaming Laptop online at Rs. 430900 with a Complete Range of Asus Gaming Laptops available


The Asus ROG is the gaming laptop that packs a serious punch, having a powerful appearance on the outside and a robust chassis inside. Here is a technical and not so technical overview of the product which we think serves as the perfect example of a laptop that was literally made for gaming (Elden Rings and all)

About this Product: 

  • Windows 10, 15.6" FHD IPS 300Hz
  • AMD Ryzen 9-5900HX Processor 4.6GHz
  • 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD, 32GB DDR4
  • Graphics NVIDIA RTX 3070 8GB, RGB Keyboard

Description of the Product:

The fundamental Windows 10 Pro gaming experience with the ROG Strix G15 is streamlined and elevated due to concentrated firepower. Everything from gaming to multitasking is quick and smooth with an AMD RyzenTM 9 5900HX CPU and GeForce RTXTM 3070 GPU. With a competition-grade display up to 300Hz/3ms and a WQHD 165Hz/3ms screen, you can go full-throttle on esports speed or immerse yourself in rich detail. Advanced thermal enhancements help you keep cool under duress, while Adaptive-Sync makes games ultra-smooth. You can reach your ideal play no matter what game you're playing.


Three unique hues in a sporty design take your outfit to the next level. Your gaming style is showcased with stealthy Original Black, cool Eclipse Gray, and colorful Electro Punk avatars. You can play anywhere on a chassis, up to 7% smaller and more portable than previous versions. Subtle cut-outs and symbols decorate the outside, and the laptop's bottom adds curiosity, making it unique from the competition from any angle. Aura Sync elements sparkle from the metallic ROG logo to the backlit keyboard to the wraparound light bar, illuminating your surroundings.

Sporty Design: 

This laptop combines daily dependability with a sporty design, from its aluminum-capped lid to its textured base. The metal top protects the screen from scratches and bumps while allowing smaller bezels. For more comfortable marathon gaming sessions, the plastic palm rest stays cool to the touch. The crosshatched grip on the bottom keeps the chassis in place when playing and makes it easy to grab on the fly.


Make your life more colorful with RGB lighting. The density of LEDs in a new light bar has been increased, resulting in a more refined underglow beneath the chassis. Set the perfect gaming ambiance across an entire ecosystem of compatible devices by customizing your Aura Sync settings.

Smaller Size: 

The new Strix series offers significant gaming performance in a more portable package. The footprint of 15" devices is 7% less than the previous generation, while 17" variants are 5% smaller. It's easier than ever to get into a game due to the slim and sleek design. It also has super-slim bezels that allow for an 85 percent screen-to-body ratio, making games more immersive.


It has an active touchpad area that is 85 percent bigger than previous generations improving everyday comfort and usage. With a larger room, you'll be able to navigate with better accuracy and more natural hand movements and gestures. The matte surface on the glass pad provides strength while maintaining a silky smooth feel.


The newest CPUs work together to defeat gaming, multitasking, and other tasks. Smooth frame rates are delivered by NVIDIA graphics up to a GeForce RTXTM 3070 GPU, while an overclockable AMD RyzenTM 9 5900HX CPU does the heavy work. Because of its 32GB of high-performance, DDR4-3200 RAM easily game, stream, and switch gears. A second M.2 slot allows you to add another drive to increase your collection, and up to 1TB of NVMe SSD storage speeds up loading times for games and apps.


To tailor your gaming experience, choose between high-refresh screens. With up to a 300Hz/3ms game panel and tournament-level speed, you can achieve esports perfection. With a 165Hz WQHD display that expertly combines refresh rate and resolution, you can marvel at detailed graphics. Both panels have Adaptive-Sync technology, which reduces stuttering and eliminates screen tearing. Ultra-narrow bezels frame your vision, reducing distractions and letting you stay focused on the action.


Maintain a low profile with more effective, quieter cooling. The heat is drawn away from the CPU using the liquid metal thermal compound. Each of the 84 blades of Arc Flow fans has a revolutionary design that pushes more air with less turbulence. Air flows through up to 4 heatsinks and fan outlets to rapidly expel heat. These enhancements allow ROG Boost to overclock the GPU in Turbo mode, allowing it to chase even higher GPU clocks while also overclocking the CPU.

Fast Charging: 

With a high-capacity 90Wh battery, you can unplug and do more on the go. Type-C charging from compatible power packs can extend your battery life when you're not near a wall outlet. You may use a smaller USB-C adapter up to 100W for tasks like web surfing and streaming video and travel even lighter with a single charger for your laptop and phone.

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