HP 15 DU1520TU Celeron N4020 Ram 4GB DDR4 HDD 1TB 15.6"

HP 15 DU1520TU Celeron N4020 Ram 4GB DDR4 HDD 1TB 15.6"

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THE HP 15 DU1520TU Celeron N4020 Ram 4GB DDR4 HDD 1TB 15.6", WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER IT.

When it comes to laptops, the HP 15 DU1520TU Celeron N4020 is a fantastic option to consider. You receive a 15.6-inch monitor, 4GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive right out of the box. The storage capacity is sufficient, and you will almost certainly never require backup devices or have trouble storing your files. Aside from the performance and storage advantages. The HP 15 DU1520TU Celeron N4020 is a machine that combines elegance and performance. If you aren't a gamer or a video editor, this machine should suit you perfectly.

Intel Celeron N4020 processor

One of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient laptop processors is the Intel Celeron N4020. This 6-Watt chip for low-cost laptops isn't as fast as popular 15-Watt mid-range CPUs like Intel's Core U or AMD's Ryzen U series. However, for many laptop users who don't do demanding work like video editing on a regular basis, the Intel Celeron N4020 can be a good option. It can handle online browsing, Office document editing, movie playing, and other common computing chores effectively. In terms of gaming, the Celeron N4020's Intel UHD 600 graphics is one of the poorest options. It can only be used for the simplest games.

Long-lasting battery life

No need to take a charger everywhere. The unique 3-cell battery technology in HP 15 DU1520TU Celeron N4020 increases the battery life and gives you good talk time. When we compare the capacity of the two batteries, we can see that the three-cell battery is the preferable option. The reason for this is that inside the battery, instead of two separate cells, there are three individual cells, resulting in a higher capacity. This may allow the battery to run the laptop for extended periods.


  Enjoy the  HD display with the best quality of sound and the anti-glare, two-sided narrow bezel, and a screen surface of 15.6 inches.

Design and body 

Dell Inspiron has a sleek design with an elegant design which gives it the premium look from every aspect  15.6-inch laptop features responsive performance in a sleek design with 2-sided narrow borders,

Display and Screen

HP  never compromises on the quality. This time, they are offering a 15.6-inch HD LED Display. Which gives you the extreme resolutions of  1280 X 720

Touch Screen

The 15.6 inches 15.6-inch HD LED Display is not a touch screen

One Year of Warranty

HP always has confidence in its products. This time ACOM.com is offering 1 year of local warranty which is quite good for you.



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