HP 15 FQ-5010ne Core i3-12th Gen 1215U 4GB RAM DDR4 256GB SSD 15.6"HD DOS
HP 15 FQ-5010ne Core i3-12th Gen 1215U 4GB RAM DDR4 256GB SSD 15.6"HD DOS

HP 15 FQ-5010ne Core i3-12th Gen 1215U 4GB RAM DDR4 256GB SSD 15.6"HD DOS

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why should you buy HP 15 FQ-5010 Core i3-12th Gen 1215U 4GB RAM DDR4 256GB SSD 15.6"HD DOS

HP 15 FQ-5010 Core i3-12th Gen 1215u  is best fit in all type of work. If you are not a gamer. This laptop is made for you, it comes with the latest 12th Gen and core i3. Which considered one of the successful processors of intel. You will get 4GB Ram DDR4 and 256GB SSD right out of the box.


Enjoy 15X faster speed from old hard drives with the 256GB SSD and the latest 4GB Ram DDR4. Enjoy the best user experience the better performance and faster data transfer through the latest hardware upgrades

Disk Operating System

Operating systems, such as DOS and Windows, come in a variety of styles. The abbreviation. (DOS) stands for Disk Operating System. Although Windows is a commonly used operating system, it is likely to be used in a smaller number of scenarios in the current circumstances. It consumes less memory and power than Windows. The HP 15 FQ-5010 is equipped with the latest Intel Core i3-12th Gen 1215u processor. This ensures good performance and a great user experience at all times. The DOC operating system is installed on the HP 15 FQ-5010. The Disk operating system is another name for it. This indicates that the operating system operates on a disc with less RAM.

Display and resolution

Enjoy the HD resolution of  1280 x 720 with the HD LED display of 250 Nits with the narrow bezels you will be getting the ultimate display experience.


 Enjoy the HD display with the best quality of sound and the anti-glare, narrow bezel, and a screen surface of 15.6 inches.

Long Battery Life: 

Despite having a smaller and lighter chassis than its predecessors, HP 15 FQ-5010 Core i3-12th Gen 1215u has a larger battery for extended battery life. It's a powerful 3 Cell .play movie, giving you plenty of time to catch up on streams and other light work without needing an outlet. This machine, which is lighter and lasts longer, can operate, and move as freely as you do. Battery life may differ depending on system settings.


updated speakers provide 1.8x sounder, resulting in a more immersive audio experience. The latest technology provides high-fidelity 7.1-channel virtual surround sound for theater-quality audio with stereo headsets.


A profusion of I/O connections lets you connect with your favorite gadgets and begin working from wherever.  USB 3.0 Type-A ports provide quick data transfers, while an extra USB 2.0 Type-A port adds another input for preferred accessories,



This time HP is offering a one-year international warranty which is good for a customer.


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