Quality ASUS Gaming Systems at Great Prices in Pakistan

Acom Distributors offers best Gaming Laptop price in Pakistan, with our ASUS Collection standing out. These devices include the ASUS X series product ASUS X554 LD which comes with the 5th generation Intel Core I7 processor and features NVIDA graphic card that can support up to 940M graphics. This ASUS X series Laptop comes with 60GB of DDR3 Ram and houses 1 Tera byte of Hard Disk space, an LED size of 15.6 inches and includes 1 year international warranty. The ASUS Laptops from the ASUS X Series were introduced in late 2015 and reduced the blue light emissions from the screen by up to 33%, protecting a user’s eye during long working hours.

ASUS X Series Laptops were introduced in late 2015 and come with latest technology with enhanced graphics, efficient operating system and powerful processing capabilities. ASUS Laptop’s Audio wizard provides six different audio presets each optimized for a specific type of content. The ASUS X Series Laptops come in three different cover designs and using state of the art technology to enhance user experience. ASUS X Series Laptops come with Windows 10 as their pre-installed operating system and can be powered up to the latest 6th generation ASUS X Series Intel Core i7 processors. Some of the delicate features offered in ASUS X Series Laptops include batteries that are designed to last up to 2.5 times the lifespan of standard Li-ion cylinder battery. Additionally, ASUS X series Laptops come with USB type C ports adding the convenience for the user. Using these USB ports, users enjoy a data transmission speed of 5Gbits per second. This ASUS laptop is also fitted with 3 in 1 SD card reader, RJ45 Ethernet port and DVD drive.

ASUS X series core i7 processor comes with the Turbo boost technology which helps the ASUS Laptop achieve very high response speeds and faster performance. The ASUS X Series core i7 processor is such a fast machine that it gives gamers amazing performance in their game play. This fast processing machine allows seamless editing of videos and an ultra-high definition of multi-media entertainment. The powerful processing means extra heat and this is removed from the ASUS Laptop by introducing ASUS IceCool Technology and by moving the heat generating components away from the user. This helps the palm rest surface area to stay cool between 25 and 35‘C. Our website provides our users with a wide range of ASUS Laptop prices in Pakistan, allowing our clients to choose from our existing range of ASUS Laptops that are ideal for personal users, business professionals and gamers.



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