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HP Scanners at Amazing Prices in Pakistan


Hewlett Packard as a company has been innovating computers, printers and scanners for the last 30 years. It has developed one of the most sophisticated scanning devices such as the Hp ScanJet 200 and Hp ScanJet 300. With Hp scanners such as the Hp ScanJet 200 you can preview the document within 14 seconds after initiating the scanner. The device has a duty cycle of 2600 scans per day and an image resolution of 200 dpi. This Hp scanner comes with 1 year warranty keeping your investment safe even after purchase. At ACOM solutions we offer the most competitive Hp scanners price in Pakistan giving our clients the best value for their money.

One of the famous Hp ScanJet enterprise editions is the Hp ScanJet Enterprise 7500 which scans up to 500 pages per min. The state of the art scanning device involves a paper set holder tray at the top that can automatically feed multiple pages to this Hp Scanner, scanning up to 50 pages per minute. The paper holder tray can help businesses scan up to 100 pages at a time. Using these Enterprise level Hp Scanners, businesses whether large or small can scan whole books or even ledgers with in a limited amount of time. The latest scanning technology introduced by Hewlett Packard is compact in size and highest in quality.

Another popular device from Hp Scanners family is the Hp Scan jet 7000, which is a compact and efficient scanning device with a feeder capacity of 50 sheets. The optical resolution of this scanner is 600x600 dpi. The Hp Scanjet 7000 comes with a color depth of 48 bits and has a duty cycle of 2000 scans per day. The Hp scanners are much in demand these days and Hp scanner price in Pakistan is really competitive. With the introduction of e-commerce in Pakistan the web portals such as have replaced the brick and mortar stores like Hafeez Center in Lahore. The Hp ScanJet N9120 scanner is a high performance digital scanning and transmission device with high speed and quick transfer features to convert scan documents into editable documents. The high speed of scanning allows hp Scanjet N9120 to scan up to 120 ppm. Not only that, the scanning device is capable of scanning up to 12000 documents in a single day. The device offers a high level of integration by processing documents using FTP, USB emails or computer folders. The optical character recognition technology allows the Hp ScanJet N9120 to recognize characters in the scanned document and transfer them to multiple locations.



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