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HP Spectre Laptops Prices in Pakistan

Acom proudly presents its collection of Hp Spectre Laptops which are famous for their sleek design and less then 11mm thin width. They say that the device is so thin it takes the combination of Power and portability of Hp Spectre to a whole new level. We prides itself for being a known player in the ecommerce market – supplying state of the art computing devices (including Hp Spectre) to clients all over Pakistan. The beauty of Hp Specter Laptop is that it accumulates the best computer power in the Laptop having a casing that can fit inside a large envelope making Hp Specter a portable device for all seasons and for all use. The Laptop is so light it weighs less than 3 pounds (2.45lbs to be precise).

The Hp Spectre laptop screen is 13 inches in size and the casing is a piece of art made of carbon fiber and aluminum. The keyboard keys are lit from underneath making Hp Spectre Laptop useful anywhere at any time with or without available light. With such power and so limited space, Hp Specter needed to be designed with a revolutionary cooling technology to keep the surface over the processor cool at the same time not affecting the processing speed of the laptop. The breakthrough technology of hyperbaric cooling system helps the technology giant (Hp) achieve that goal. Below are some of our popular Spectre laptops

HP Spectre x360 comes with a 13.3 inch diagonal to 15.6 inch diagonal screen and the weight varies with Laptop size. The state of the art HP Spectre x360 machine houses the 8th generation Intel processor with Windows 10 64-bit operating system. The Hp Spectre 13 Laptop comes with the 7th generation Intel core I7 processor and a 16GB DDR4 RAM to help optimize the use of CPU. The Windows 10 comes pre-installed on a 1TB Hard Drive making HP Spectre 13 and Hp Spectre x360 laptops the ideal machines to solve complex and time consuming problems.

Hp Spectre Laptop comes with 1 year international warranty and the Laptop prices are very competitive at our website which our clients can access above. We at ACOM Solutions pride ourselves with providing computing devices to our clients which offer best value for money. Once our client has selected his choice of Hp Spectre laptop it is just a matter of few clicks when the Hp Spectre laptop is ready to be delivered at our customer’s doorstep. We offer best in class client services in order to make the whole transaction a smooth experience for our customers.



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