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HP Color Laserjet - The Best Around

Twenty years ago, in the early 1990s Hp introduced its first laser jet printer in the market. It was a revolution in the office industry, it was the first ever account of replacement of a photocopy or a fax machine by a printer. There may have been Laser Jet printers around but none proved to be as vital and better in quality as the break through Hp Laser jet printer. Hp Laser jet printer was not a yearly plan that came true in a span of 12 months. It went through a continuous process of evolution from the famous Hp printer models such as Hp bubble Jet and Hp Think jet printers eventually evolving in to the Hp Laser Jet printer. By the early 2000s Hp Laser Jet printer had received world recognition for office printing.

The main feature for the Laser Jet printer introduced by Hp was that it was compatible with many computing machines such as Apple, IBM etc. hence it became the standard for office printing which was fast and convenient. It was easy to connect the Hp Laser Jet printer to the office network and more than one print command could be given to the printer and each person could have his/her print come out in the form of queue. However Hp did not stop there, the latest models from Hp not only replaced the photocopy machines they introduced Hp Color laserjet printers which could do fast color printing as well. This has changed the printing environment of the offices and homes forever.

With the advent of e-commerce these devices can be purchased online as well e.g. at ACOM solutions we provide our clients with a web portal at to order their very own printer with most competitive Hp LaserJet printer price in Pakistan. Some of the famous Hp Laser jet printers and hp Color LaserJet printers include the HP COLOR LASERJET M254 DW that can print 21PPM and comes with 256MB standard memory and built in wifi technology. One of the standard LaserJet models includes the hp LaserJet 1320 and Hp LaserJet 1200. The Hp LaserJet 1320 is slightly larger that comes with a parallel and a USB interface and can print up to 21PPM and has the capacity to hold 250 sheets while the Hp LaserJet 1200 can print up to 15ppm and can 260 sheets in its paper tray. With continuous revolution, Hp Laser Jet would be the office printer of the future.



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