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Lenovo Laptops at the Best Prices across Pakistan


At ACOM Solutions we are proud sponsors of Lenovo Laptops, we showcase a variety of Lenovo brands such as Lenovo IdeaPad and Lenovo YOGA. Lenovo Laptop price varies based on the Lenovo Laptop brand you are buying and also the configuration of the laptop. When you visit our website at you are sure to view the best in class products and we at ACOM Solutions make sure that we put the most competitive Lenovo Laptop price in Pakistan on our website. The Lenovo Ideapad and the Lenovo YOGA brands that we offer come in different shapes and configuration.

The Lenovo Ideapad family of laptops include the Lenovo IP 310 Laptop consisting of 7th generation Intel core i7 processor with built-in NVIDA 2GB graphic card and 15.6 inch LED screen. The Random Access Memory card that comes with this laptop is of 8GB and helps in increasing the computing power of the machine. The Lenovo IP110 is an economical yet productive device that comes with 1 year international warranty. The Lenovo i5 and Lenovo i3 processors built into these machines make it economical for the users to buy a state of the art device with minimum cost. The hard disk storage allowed on this device is 500GB. 

This Lenovo Laptop also consists of an Optical Superdrive making the machine faster than ever before. Lenovo Ideapad’s latest series include the Y700 that is an absolute pleasure to work on while gaming. The immersive 17.3 inch screen gives the PC gaming a whole new dimension. This complex piece of technology comes with 16GB of DDR4 RAM and the next generation of quad core processing power. With such high processing speeds the Lenovo Laptops come with state of the art cooling systems to keep the Lenovo laptop’s wrist base cool and processing stable.

The Lenovo Yoga Laptop is the latest innovation in Lenovo Laptop technology which is a hybrid device in terms of experience. It gives you an experience of Laptop and a tablet all in one device. This brand of Lenovo Laptops come in three different series including Yoga 500, Yoga 700 and Yoga 900 series. Our state of the art Lenovo Laptop from Yoga 900 series the Lenovo Yoga 910 Laptop is from the next generation of computing technology containing the Intel core i7 processor and 255GB of SSD. The 13.3 inch LED screen is ideal for professional and portable use. This Lenovo laptop comes with a touch screen display and can be flipped or rotated into a tablet with a simple flip. All these and many more devices are displayed on our website and can be ordered directly to your door steps within a few clicks. Our team of dedicated staff is always ready to make the transaction smooth and quick.



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