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Hp cartridges are world renowned ink capsules ideal for many kinds of printers including the InkJet and LaserJet printers to name a few. Using Hp color and black print cartridges users experience the best in print quality and printing made environment friendly. Another major aspect of printing with Hp cartridges is the compatibility with Hp devices. Saving time and costs and working with simple plug & play functionality with Hp printers. Hp produces ink in two major categories, the ink cartridges and the ink toners. The ink cartridges come in various sizes and volume. The Hp printer cartridge is further divided into three series – the 564 ink cartridge, the 950&951 ink cartridge and the Hp 61 ink cartridge. 564 print cartridge series comes in color and black ink and can produce anywhere from 300 photos and up to 750 pages using a single piece depending upon the size and color combination. The prices are competitive and we at ACOM solutions provide our clients with much more competitive price than in the market.

The Hp 950 and 951 cartridge series has a larger ink space and can print more pages and photos. The XL size of the most advanced ink cartridge in this series can print more than 2000 pages (black ink) and the magenta original pack 951 series is able to print 700 color and black prints. The Hp printer cartridge is best in quality all over the world and buying an original piece guarantees you best value for your money’s worth based on the high quality of print that is delivered using this piece of printing equipment. The next category in Hp printing equipment is the Hp cartridge toners which also come in various shapes and sizes.

The toner cartridges are the way to go for laser printing and in this modern era, Hp has introduced toner cartidges both in colored as well as black and white variety. Like the Hp printer cartridge, the Hp Toner cartridges come in three varieties including Hp 131 toner cartridge which is able to print up to 1800 pages for the price of one unit. The Hp 83 toner cartridge can print more than 2000 black ink pages and proves to be a very economical accessory to have for Hp monotone laser printers. The Hp 201 toner cartridge helps in printing color as well as black ink prints with more than 2000 pages with a single instrument. The Hp cartridge toner price in Pakistan is very competitive due to high quality and value for money which we at Acom provide in abundance



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