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Our Stunning Epson Printer Collection


At ACOM Solutions we proudly feature many of the Epson Printers including Epson Color printers that vary in price range and printing speed. Epson has been a reliable source of fulfilling industry’s printing needs since the commercial printing came in to existing. Many would not know this but Epson still has a line of dot-matrix printers that fulfill the purpose for many organizations that still find it useful. However the technology has evolved over a period of time and the latest dot-matrix printer introduced by Epson includes 9 pins, 90 columns and 18 needles giving the speed of this classic printing device a whole new dimension. To the surprise of many, the current dot matrix printers by Epson come with a USB cable giving them faster access to print documents sent by the server.

One of the more famous and useful printing devices introduce by Epson in recent times is the Epson L310. The Epson L310 price is very competitive and having it available online on web portals such as Acom makes the price very competitive. The device comes with a 1 year local warranty which secures your investment even after purchase and uses a USB 2 high connectivity cable as a standard medium of communication. The modern day printing device took the technology used in Epson Color printers to a whole new level, the color and black print cartridges are no more there. In fact the printer comes with ink bottles that do not need to be replaced every time they go empty, all the user needs to do is refill them and everything is good to go. These integrated ink tanks make it possible for customers to Epson L310 to print up to 13000 black prints and 6500 color prints with one refill making it one of the most cost efficient printing devices for both professional and personal use.

The Epson Printer series does not end there in fact every year Epson produces one of the most cost effective and efficient printing devices for both professional and personal use. One of the mass printing devices recently introduced by Epson is the Epson workforce enterprise. This giant printing device can print up to 75 images in one minute while taking 88% less energy compared to classic laser printers. All this is accomplished without sacrificing quality in any shape or form. The device comes with state of the art software technology that allows for remote communication and management. Epson has been one of the market leaders in printing business and to this day remains many clients favorite.



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