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Dell Optiplex 3080 Tower Ci3 10th 4GB 1TB

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Buy Dell Optiplex 3080 Tower at Rs. 117,000 PKR

The Dell Optiplex 3080 Tower is a powerful and reliable desktop computer that is ideal for business and office use. Here are three distinct content sections that highlight the unique features and benefits of this product:

Performance and Productivity

Looking for a desktop computer that can handle demanding workloads and increase productivity? The Dell Optiplex 3080 Tower is the answer. This computer is powered by a 10th Gen Intel Core processor and up to 64GB of DDR4 memory, ensuring smooth and fast performance for multitasking, data analysis, and content creation. You can also choose from a variety of storage options, including SSDs and HDDs, to meet your data storage needs. The Dell Optiplex 3080 Tower also comes with built-in security features, such as TPM 2.0 and optional chassis intrusion switch, to protect your data and business.

Expandability and Flexibility

Need a desktop computer that can grow with your business and adapt to your workspace? The Dell Optiplex 3080 Tower has you covered. This computer is designed for easy upgradability and customization, with tool-less access to internal components and multiple expansion slots and ports. You can add extra storage, graphics, network, or other peripherals as your business evolves, without disrupting your workflow. The Dell Optiplex 3080 Tower also supports multiple mounting options, including a VESA mount and a custom stand, to fit your space requirements and ergonomic preferences.

Sustainability and Reliability 

Looking for a desktop computer that is eco-friendly and durable? The Dell Optiplex 3080 Tower is the right choice. This computer is ENERGY STAR certified and EPEAT Gold registered, meaning it meets strict environmental standards and consumes less energy than traditional desktops. The Dell Optiplex 3080 Tower also undergoes rigorous testing and validation, including MIL-STD-810G testing and Dell's Highly Accelerated Life Cycle Testing (HALT), to ensure its reliability and longevity. You can count on this computer to perform consistently and withstand tough conditions



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