Best Laptops for Programming in Pakistan (2024)

Investing in a top-notch laptop for programming is more crucial than ever because so many of us work from home and the office. Having a device that's affordable and powerful enough to run code is of paramount importance, especially for those working in the IT field.

Because of the current financial crisis and the rising cost of living in Pakistan, many of us don't have much money to spare.

There are some excellent low-cost laptops for programming available, and we've highlighted the finest ones here, so you don't have to spend a lot of money to acquire a great new laptop for coding.

Best Laptops for Programming in Pakistan (2024)

Name Price
Lenovo Ideapad L3 15 PKR 99,000
HP Pavilion 15 CS0053 PKR 94,000
HP 15 DW3033DX PKR 85,000
ASUS VivoBook 14 PKR 75,000 – 85,000
Lenovo Ideapad 330 PKR 70,000 – 80,000
Acer Aspire 5 PKR 85,000 – 95,000


Lenovo Ideapad L3 15

  • Processor: The Core i5 11th Gen processor offers robust performance for most programming tasks.
  • Upgradeable RAM: Initially comes with 4GB but can be upgraded to 16GB, which is advantageous for running multiple applications or development environments simultaneously.
  • Storage: A 1TB HDD provides ample space for software, projects, and data.
  • Display: A 15.6-inch Full HD anti-glare screen is comfortable for long coding sessions.
  • Graphics: Intel Ires Xe Graphics are sufficient for general programming and light graphical work.
  • Affordability: Priced at PKR 99,000, it offers a good balance between performance and cost, making it accessible for many programmers

HP Pavilion 15 CS0053

  • Processor: Equipped with a Core i5 8th Gen processor, it can handle most development workloads.

  • RAM: Comes with 12GB of RAM, which is more than adequate for demanding programming tasks and multitasking.

  • Storage: The 1TB HDD offers extensive storage for numerous projects and applications.

  • Display: The 15.6-inch Full HD LED display is suitable for detailed coding and debugging.

  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620, while not top-of-the-line, are sufficient for standard programming needs.

  • Price: At PKR 94,000, it's a cost-effective option for programmers looking for a reliable machine

HP 15 DW3033DX

  • Processor: The Core i3 11th Gen processor is capable of handling standard programming tasks.

  • RAM: 8GB of RAM, upgradable to 32GB, is a strong point for a laptop in this price range.

  • Storage: A 256GB SSD provides faster data access and boot times.

  • Display: The 14-inch Full HD anti-glare screen is suitable for coding and reduces eye strain.

  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics are adequate for basic graphical tasks.

  • Price: Priced around PKR 85,000, it's an affordable option for those needing a reliable but budget-friendly laptop

ASUS VivoBook 14

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor ensures smooth performance while coding.

  • RAM: 8GB DDR4 RAM is a good starting point for programming tasks.

  • Storage: 512GB SSD offers ample storage space and fast data access, beneficial for compiling large codebases.

  • Display: The 14-inch Full HD screen is ideal for detailed work and portability.

  • Graphics: AMD Radeon Vega 8 can handle light graphical tasks.

  • Price Range: PKR 75,000 – 85,000 makes it a compelling choice for those looking for performance within a budget

Lenovo Ideapad 330

  • Processor: The slightly older Intel Core i5 processor is still capable for many coding tasks.
  • RAM: 4GB DDR4, while on the lower end, can be upgraded for smoother performance.
  • Storage: 1TB HDD provides plenty of space for software and projects.
  • Display: The 15.6-inch HD display is suitable for coding work.
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620 is standard for coding and basic graphical tasks.
  • Price Range: At PKR 70,000 – 80,000, it's an affordable entry-level laptop for programming

Acer Aspire 5

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 4500U offers decent performance for coding tasks.
  • RAM: 8GB DDR4 RAM is good for multitasking and development tools.
  • Storage: The 256GB SSD ensures fast boot times and responsiveness.
  • Display: A 15.6-inch Full HD screen provides a comfortable workspace.
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon Vega 6 is sufficient for general programming.
  • Price Range: At PKR 85,000 – 95,000, it's a solid budget laptop for programming

Characteristics of a Good Laptop for Programming:

Multi-Core Processor:

A multi-core processor is essential because it enables you to compile and test your code more rapidly. The faster you can run and test code, the quicker your project will be finished and the more work you can handle. Additionally, we advise having at least 16GB of RAM.

Screen Size:

Another crucial factor is screen size. While you don't want something too big to carry the laptop around, you do want something with a big enough screen to work on comfortably for extended periods.

It can also help to have a screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio, which is taller than the 16:9 standard widescreen aspect ratio and allows you to see more of your code without having to scroll up and down. Most laptops now come with this type of screen.

Keyboard Quality:

The quality of the keyboard is also vital because you'll be typing for hours on end. You should have a comfortable keyboard.

We've evaluated each laptop in this guide to offer our fair opinions on how well they meet the criteria of good processing laptops.


Graphic cards may also be essential depending on the type of development work you're doing. Consider the graphical requirements of those apps if you're working on game development in a setting like Unreal Engine or Unity. If you think you might need one, don't forget to check out our list of the top graphics cards.

Also, keep in mind that choosing an operating system that supports your objectives is a smart move. Want to create apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac using Xcode? You will then require a Mac.

Additionally, the faster your laptop can compile code, the less time you'll waste waiting, which might lead to increased productivity and the ability to take on additional tasks.

RAM required for Coding:

If you're searching for a laptop to use for coding, check to see if it has a lot of RAM. A laptop's ability to multitask and run many programs improves with more RAM.

Additionally, it will speed up the compilation of your code and enable the testing and running of your apps and games. You'll be more effective if you can do this task more quickly.

So, for coding on a laptop, we advise at least 8GB of RAM, but ideally, you should go for 16GB or, if your budget allows it, 32GB. However, only really severe workloads require that.


The days when programmers hunched over massive desktop computers surrounded by large displays are long gone. Although some still do, anyone can now learn to code very quickly, and all they need is a laptop to get started. Programming on laptops has the benefit of traveling with you. With the finest laptops for the workplace, you can write code whenever and wherever you choose.



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