Gaming Monitors under 30k in Pakistan

Monitors in Pakistan have been getting quite steep in price, specially on the turn of the new year (2023). So we thought we'd give you game lovers some better options

A gaming monitor differs from a typical one in that it prioritizes pushing games as far as to provide the player with the best experience possible while playing.

Any gamer, whether professional or not, can appreciate the discomfort of latency, subpar color reproduction, stiff brightness and other display feature changes, and a sluggish monitor.

Why go through all that bother when you can switch your monitor and use these features?

Gaming Monitors Under 30k in Pakistan:


Gaming Monitors 


HP V19 18.5 Inch HD Monitor


HP V194 LED 19-inch Backlit TN Monitor


Lenovo D19-10 Monitor


HP V19 18.5 Inch HD Monitor

Price: Rs.28,500.00

With the small, inexpensive HP V19 HD Monitor that adapts to your comfort demands and offers HD visual quality, you can browse the web, play amazing games, watch your favorite shows, complete some work, and free up room on your desk.




Product Name

HP V19 18.5 Inch HD Monitor

Screen Size


Screen Resolution

HD (1366 x 768 @ 60 Hz)


200 nits


1 VGA (1 VGA)


Provides crystal clear display and connectivity:

On an 18.5" diagonal HD screen, you can view documents, movies, emails, and more with vibrant colors and fine details. Through the VGA connector, connect to a vintage PC without a dongle.

Adjust the view:

To get the ideal viewing angle, tilt the screen up to 5 degrees forward or 22 degrees back.

Color-coded comfort:

With HP Low Blue Light, you can see your screen in a whole new way. It changes the color spectrum for more comfortable viewing during your next marathon project or binge-watching session.

Helps enjoy intense video gaming:

With its TN panel's quick reaction times and reduced pixel latency, you may enjoy the most recent action movie or intense video game.

HP V194 LED 19-inch Backlit TN Monitor:

Price: Rs.29,000

This laptop allows you experience high-quality front-of-screen performance for your everyday duties.

For a convenient, economical workstation, you may mount your HP Desktop Mini, HP Chromebox, or HP Thin Client right behind the screen.

Its energy-efficient design will help you save money and reduce power usage.`




Product Name

HP V194 LED 19 inch Backlit TN Monitor

Screen Size

46.99 cm (18.5")

Screen Resolution

1366 x 768 at 60 Hz


200 cd/m


Features of a presentation fit for the company:

Enjoy 1366 x 768 resolution, a 5M:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and a 5 ms reaction time on a 46.99 cm (18.5) diagonal screen to see your papers and emails. Connect to your devices with a VGA input quickly and effortlessly.

Set up a productive, clever system:

A convenient, affordable workspace ideal for small spaces can be created by attaching your HP Desktop Mini, HP Chromebox, or chosen HP Thin Client directly behind the display. The display can also be mounted on a wall or stand using the integrated VESA mount.

Environment-conscious design:

A clever, energy-efficient design that is ENERGY STAR certified and EPEAT Silver registered can help you cut costs by reducing power use.

The display also has arsenic-free display glass and mercury-free display backlights.

Lenovo D19-10 Monitor:

Rs: 25,500

The Lenovo D19-10 is a cost-friendly display option for homes, small companies, and industrial uses. It features an understated and effective minimalistic design. The Lenovo D19-10 is a focused machine made to be a daily workhorse and provides an easy user experience. Offering all the characteristics one would expect from a tiny monitor, it is a crucial gadget that does not scrimp on features that can improve viewing experiences.




Panel Size

18.5 inches


1366 x 768

Panel Type





200 cd/m²

Aspect Ratio


Response Time (gray to gray)

5 ms (normal mode)


Smooth Visuals:

Smooth images are provided by its 5ms reaction time. You can enjoy smooth gaming at low cost with this monitor. 

Great display:

A WLED backlit, 1366 x 786 HD, TN panel with 16.7M colors and compatibility for 72% of the NTSC color space makes up the 18.5-inch display.

Easy on eyes:

It is TUV-approved, reducing eye fatigue during extended workdays. You can play for a long time on this screen without stressing your eyes. 


If your goal is simple gaming, you don't need to spend a fortune on all the high-end competitive or professional gaming capabilities. 

However, overall efficiency, sync, and speed are crucial for smooth gaming. 



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