How to Write Urdu on Laptops

The most widely spoken language in South Asia is Urdu. In Pakistan, Urdu is the primary language of communication. Pakistan also has Urdu as its official language.

Most people in Pakistan write Urdu scripts in MS word. It is difficult to type documents without learning to write Urdu in MS Word.

Softwares are available for writing in Urdu like IN-Page. However, If you really want to write Urdu on your laptop, then read away for both Windows 10 and 7

The settings would be different if you were running Windows 7. But first, we'll go through the exact steps for writing Urdu in Microsoft Word if you're running Windows 10.

Using MS Word to write Urdu (Windows 10):

It is simple to write Urdu in MS Word if using Windows 10. Due to the South Asian consumers of its most recent Windows systems, Microsoft incorporated functionality for the Urdu language. Windows 10 has an Urdu keyboard, and one may choose Urdu as your computer's default language. Follow the instructions below to write Urdu in MS Word.

  • Click on settings. You may access it by entering "setting" in the search box. From the taskbar, you may access the search box.
  • In Windows 10, once the settings program is opened, you will find various menu options.
  • Click on the Time & Language option to choose it.
  • Click on language now.
  • The options for your selected languages may be found at the bottom. Press the Add a favorite language button.
  • Search Urdu and click on it. 
  • Installing Urdu as the preferred language requires clicking Next. Windows will download and install the Urdu language pack for you.
  • Open Microsoft Word and set Urdu as the default language.
  • By selecting Review from the menu bar in Microsoft Word, followed by language, you may change the default language.
  • Make Urdu the default language. MS Word now allows you to write in Urdu.

This process is for Windows 10 and the most recent version of Microsoft Word. The process for installing Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2007 differs slightly from that for Windows 10 and MS Office 2013.

Language Switching in Microsoft Word 2007 (Windows 7):

If you wish to write Urdu in MS Word 2007 and use Windows 7, we'll show you how to achieve it step-by-step. You must install Urdu fonts or an Urdu keyboard in Windows 2007 to write in the Urdu language.

You must install a software program to use the Urdu keyboard because it is not an option in all Windows 7 editions. 

Below are the instructions for installing the Urdu keyboard.

  • Setting up the Urdu Phonetic Keyboard
  • Enter "Urdu Phonetic Keyboard" in the search bar of your web browser.
  • Install the software for the Urdu Phonetic keyboard.
  • Click the installer to begin the program installation when the download is complete.
  • If you wish to text in Urdu after the installation is complete, you must switch the language to Urdu.

Writing Urdu in Word 2007:

The procedures below must be followed to write Urdu in Microsoft Word 2007.

  • Visit the Control Panel.
  • In the control panel,   you will notice many options. Select Language and Regional Options
  • Click on Languages and Keyboard first.
  • Next, select Change Keyboard.
  • You must click "add" and then choose "Urdu language."
  • Select OK.
  • Select advanced Key options to add a key combination to switch between languages
  • . You will notice ENG on the task bar's right side. Click it to switch to Urdu.
  • Launch MS Word.
  • If you wish to type Urdu in Microsoft Office 2007, choose Review and change the language to Urdu.


If you want to write Urdu in MS Word, follow these instructions. By holding down the Windows key and Space, you may swap keyboards. You require a keyboard that can type in Urdu. You may write Urdu in MS Word using the on-screen keyboard if your keyboard does not support the language.

To open the on-screen keyboard, type the on-screen keyboard into the search bar and click on it. You must use a keyboard that supports the Urdu language if you don't feel comfortable using the on-screen keyboard since otherwise, you won't be able to write Urdu in MS Word. This article should be helpful to you.



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