Is MSI Afterburner Safe for Laptops?

You can manage your graphics card with MSI's Afterburner, a graphics-based tool. It can handle every aspect of your gaming experience, from overclocking to simple monitoring.

Additionally, it supports several profiles and offers the option to make the required modifications instantly while playing a game or from other programs like Chrome or Skype without ever having to quit those programs.

How to use MSI Afterburner?

For all gamers, MSI Afterburner is a highly potent and helpful tool. It enables you to modify various settings on your graphics cards, such as clock speed and memory allocation, to ensure fluid gaming without any lag spikes or screen delays!

Once the MSI afterburner utility has been installed, locate the GPU tab that says Graphics cards in the game's options by selecting "device manager" and then clicking there.

From there, descend to the Performance section, where we can access various clocks and overclocking settings that can be adjusted based on whether one wants higher performance at lower resolutions.

Purpose of MSI Afterburner:

A graphic card program called Afterburner aids users in getting the most out of their technology. You'll have total control over your graphics processing unit after you install it (GPU).

This straightforward yet powerful tool has a lot of capabilities, including monitoring benchmarks, setting profiles, and quickly resolving issues with them, in addition to being used for overclocking and fan tweaking. MSI provides notebook-friendly rained drivers that are specially made for laptops.

One of the most efficient and user-friendly overclocking programs on the market, MSI Afterburner is packed with features. Any gamer or PC enthusiast must have this application because of its user-friendly interface and comprehensive monitoring and adjusting options.


You can overclock your GPU and CPU using this simple-to-use tool for quicker gaming and productivity. You can maximize your computer's performance with just a few clicks, enabling you to play games like Witcher 3 at their highest settings or complete challenging tasks in Photoshop without experiencing any lag.

The finest tool for speed optimization of your graphics card is MSI Afterburner. The ideal settings for gaming and overclocking may be chosen using a user-friendly interface.

It includes fan speeds that will keep things running cool without making noise an issue in noisy places like LAN parties or high-performance computing centers, temperature restrictions, power consumption constraints (to prevent overheating), and voltage modifications.


With MSI Afterburner, you may use graphs and on-screen displays to keep track of changes in-game.

For seamless gaming, to put it mildly, you'll be able to observe how your GPU temperature is rising with graphics-intensive operations like loading screens or while shooting adversaries. You can also check out a visual depiction of several other elements like RAM clock speed.

Easy access is provided by MSI's software tool "Afterburner." Users are provided information regarding performance in their video games tied to voltage levels inside each core processor when this program is loaded on device ordinate2 Up gaming platform (graphics processing unit).


In MSI Afterburner, benchmarking is a procedure that gamers may use to learn more about the system performance of their setup. They may use it to monitor the performance of their parts and determine whether they are experiencing any issues.

All sorts of computers, but notably those used by gamers who want to play high-quality games on PCs that have been expressly designed for gaming, should be benchmarked. 

Predator Video Capture:

MSI Afterburner can swiftly and effectively record high-quality gameplay footage. Predator is an add-on program included with MSI Afterburner; it doesn't matter if there are little frame rate delays because you always receive high-quality recordings.

You can access various settings while viewing captured footage immediately below the "Record" button, where you can also restrict the FPS rate or select the picture size.

In-Game FPS counter:

The FPS counter shows real-time data on how well your graphics card operates while playing games. 

Is MSI Burner a virus:

No, MSI Afterburner is secure, although there is a compatibility issue with Windows 10 that the maker has not yet addressed. If MSI AB is not installed, the computer will still start up in Windows, but you won't be able to track your GPU utilization.

Warning! A few phony copies of the software are disseminated to spread harmful software. Verify that the executable file has the name MSABEN64.exe and not MSI afterburner or another name.

Is MSI Afterburner Safe for laptops?

With the help of this system utility, you can manually change the voltage, clock speed, and fan speed of your video card to overclock it. Overclocking can make a computer unstable, but this utility is safe for laptops and won't damage the hardware.

Avoid going too crazy with the voltage slider when overclocking your laptop GPU. 


MSI Afterburner is a potent and well-liked overclocking tool used to keep an eye on fan speeds, voltages, and system temperatures. Additionally, before applying your overclock settings during gaming, you may evaluate their stability using the built-in benchmarking tool.

This program will do wonders if you wish to record video from games without suffering performance loss or stuttering while retaining high frame rates.



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