Which Macbooks have the Touch Bar (2024)

In the ever-evolving world of technology, Apple has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, offering users cutting-edge devices that blend style with functionality.

One such feature that has captured the attention of many MacBook enthusiasts is the Touch Bar, although which has been removed from the newer version. The Touch Bar still has its fans. 

So we took the opportunity of writing down a list of Macbook versions that have the touch bar so you know exactly what to buy when you're looking for one:

  • MacBook Pro 2016
  • MacBook Pro 15-inch (2016)
  • MacBook Pro 16-inch (2019)
  • MacBook M2 Air (2022)
  • MacBook Pro M2 (LATE 2023)

MacBook Pro 13-inch (2016)

The MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar, introduced in late 2016, marked a significant evolution in Apple's laptop lineup. This model replaced the conventional function keys with a sleek, touch-sensitive display called the Touch Bar.

Designed for professionals and creative users, the 13-inch model provides an ideal blend of mobility and power. The Touch Bar, a dynamic strip of digital controls, enabled users to create and use shortcuts, resulting in an interactive and personalized experience.

This revolutionary tool improved video editing, graphic design, and programming. The 13-inch form factor makes it a tempting option for people seeking a compact and lightweight MacBook without sacrificing performance.

With cutting-edge technology and a bright Retina display, Apple's MacBook Pro 13-inch Touch Bar reflects the company's dedication to combining design, practicality, and user customization in laptop computing.

MacBook Pro 15-inch (2016)

The MacBook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar represents a pinnacle of innovation in Apple's laptop lineup. Unveiled in 2016, this model seamlessly combines power and creativity, catering to professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The signature Touch Bar, a dynamic touchscreen replacing traditional function keys, elevates user interaction by providing customizable shortcuts and controls. The 15-inch display offers a spacious canvas for graphic designers, video editors, and other creative professionals, ensuring a visually immersive experience.

Boasting top-tier performance, the MacBook Pro 15-inch Touch Bar is equipped with high-performance processors, robust graphics capabilities, and ample storage options, making it a reliable choice for resource-intensive tasks.

The integration of the Touch Bar enhances workflow efficiency and exemplifies Apple's commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality.

With a sleek aluminum chassis, a Retina display with True Tone technology, and the innovative Touch Bar, this MacBook Pro model is a testament to Apple's dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology in a stylish package.

MacBook Pro 16-inch (2019)

In 2019, Apple unveiled the MacBook Pro 16-inch with Touch Bar, representing a refinement of its predecessors.

This model addressed concerns users had expressed about previous versions, such as keyboard reliability.

The bigger screen size with the Touch Bar created a vast and immersive computer for professionals that required top-tier performance.

MacBook M2 Air (2022)

The MacBook Air with M2 and Touch Bar, introduced by Apple in 2022, signifies a groundbreaking shift in the MacBook Air lineup. Departing from its conventional design, this model embraces the innovative Touch Bar feature, previously exclusive to the Pro series.

The introduction of the M2 chip, a successor to the M1, elevates the MacBook Air's performance to new heights, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The Touch Bar, with its dynamic and customizable interface, provides users with quick access to essential functions, enhancing productivity on the lightweight and portable MacBook Air.

This fusion of cutting-edge technology, portability, and interactive functionality demonstrates Apple's commitment to making advanced features accessible across its product range, empowering users with a versatile tool for daily tasks and creative pursuits.

The MacBook Air with M2 and Touch Bar is a testament to Apple's constant drive to redefine user expectations and push the boundaries of innovation in personal computing.

MacBook M2 Pro 14-inch (2023)

Building on the success of the 16-inch model, Apple introduced the MacBook Pro 14-inch with Touch Bar in 2023.

This device retained the powerful performance capabilities of its predecessors while catering to users who preferred a more compact form factor.

The introduction of the Touch Bar in the 14-inch model lets customers experience a more simplified workflow without sacrificing on-screen real estate.

MacBook Pro 13-inch (UPDATED 2023)

In a move that delighted MacBook lovers, Apple released an updated MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar in late 2023.

This refresh improved performance, graphics, and other essential components, ensuring users could stay at the forefront of technology.

The Touch Bar continued to be a distinguishing feature, providing innovation to an already robust and portable device.o

MacBook Pro 15-inch (2023)

The MacBook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar represents a pinnacle in Apple's pursuit of excellence, marrying cutting-edge technology with a sleek design.

Released in late 2023, this model builds upon the success of its predecessors, catering to the needs of professionals and creatives who demand top-tier performance.

The 15-inch display provides a spacious and immersive canvas for graphic design, video editing, and other resource-intensive tasks.

The Touch Bar, a signature feature of this MacBook variant, offers a dynamic and customizable interface, allowing users to streamline their workflow with quick access to essential tools and functions.

The late 2023 refresh enhances performance, graphics, and overall user experience, ensuring that the MacBook Pro 15-inch remains a flagship device in Apple's lineup.

With a perfect blend of power and elegance, this MacBook is a testament to Apple's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering a superior computing experience to its users.


As we navigate the landscape of MacBook models, the Touch Bar stands out as a unique and influential feature that has transformed how users interact with their devices. From its initial introduction in the MacBook Pro 13-inch to its inclusion in the latest MacBook Pro 15-inch and MacBook Air with M2, the Touch Bar has become synonymous with Apple's commitment to innovation.



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